The Hose Bridge and Super Hose Bridge are easy to assemble temporary crossing of hoses and cables. Unique puzzle shaped pieces fit in any configuration. Suitable for pedestrian walkways or vehicle crossings with per axle maximum load of 6,500kg. Available in standard black or hi-visibility yellow. Can be supplied with non-slip top grit tile and single or double hand rail.

* Total Block Working Load Limit (WLL) is based on a full press load evenly distributed across the top and bottom surfaces of the cribbing block.

Warning: Always perform your own risk assessment before using this product. Always know the weight of the equipment or machine being supported. Consult your equipment and machinery manufacturer manual and guidelines for recommended blocking and lifting points. Never exceed the maximum WLL of the cribbing blocks or cribs. Under no circumstances does the WLL mentioned above take into consideration point loading or uneven weight distribution of the supported load. Copies of Technical Data Sheets and the Technical Operating Manual for Composite Cribbing can be obtained from the resource page of this web site, emailing or calling 02 9674 7428.