About our company

Cribbing and Matting Co. Pty Ltd was founded to bring customers in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia superior industrial strength stabilising products and matting solutions.

Cribbing and Matting Co mission is to create value for our customers by delivering innovative safe cribbing, bloking, shoring, stabilisation systems and modular matting products manufactured from recycled plastic materials that would otherwise end up in landfill.
To provide the fully sustainable safe fit for purpose stabilising products to in industry.

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Cribbing And Matting Co
2nd May, 2017

Heavy equipment stabilisation: The fall of timber

Firstly, timber is not a tool..

Cribbing And Matting Co
24th April, 2017

Timber is no support tool

As part of my role with Cribbing and Matting Co, I often get the opportunity to visit many industrial and mining companies all over Australia.

Cribbing And Matting Co
21st September, 2015

Why are dura crib and dura stat cribbing blocks better than timber dunnage when stabilising equipment?

Timber Cribbing block showing typical splitting and cracking. Is this safe to use?

Cribbing And Matting Co
21st September, 2015

The Slab cribbing block is fast becoming the support of heavy industry.

Since its launch almost 3 years ago the dura crib “The Slab” cribbing block is fast becoming the tool of..

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